Ms Amanda Day and Mr Ben Sakker Kelly
Australian High Commission

"Congratulations to CUTM on an innovative and wonderful enterprise. It is a most rewarding place to visit and see commitment, passion and change happening.Thankyou for sharing your center with us and we wish you well for a successful future.A privilege for us to visit."
Mr Arun Tiwari
Chairman & Managing Director, Union Bank of India

"Visiting Urban Micro Business Center made me believe that it is not just about livelihood but igniting hopes and aspirations. I am sure in times to come it will grow exponentially and change the way of life of many families. Best wishes."

Dr Alison Galloway
Executive Vice Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz

"This is fabulous. I don’t think words can express how inspirational this project is. It is only eclipsed by the passion of all of the people involved from children to students to staff!"

Mr Manish Kumar
MD & CEO, National Skill Development Corporation

"An excellent initiative which is borne out of outstanding thought leadership. This model should be replicated across India. Supporting youths from under-privileged background. I am proud that NSDC is a partner of Centurion University and look forward to doing more together."

Prof Peter Hodgson
Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Deakin University

"I continue to be blown away by the fresh ideas. But they are not just ideas on a shelf, they have been realized, and are giving people skills and hope. Great staff and wonderful experience."