Opening Hours  8:00am - 9:00pm 7 days, Mon - Sun

The Urban Micro Business Centre hosts an on-site café and retail store that offers a diverse range of products and opportunities.

A delicious selection of goods from our onsite bakery, chocolate artisans and savoury snack artisans, as well as UMBC supported, is available to visitors, staff and students. If you would like more information on what is available please see
Food Processing and Bakery & Confectionary.

The retail and café is a multipurpose tool; not only does it make affordable, high quality and ethical products available, it is also an educational and support device for members of the centre.

Urban poor with limited confidence and opportunities are able to develop competences in retail functions and business operations such as communication, merchandising and payment transactions. Participating members are able to attain the necessary skills, experience and confidence to start up their own entrepreneurial venture.

The on-site store is proving increasingly critical for supporting particularly women-led or very low-income enterprises. Additionally it is an important link for tribal producers to reach the urban market.


UMBC has been approved as 
A Testing Centre for Direct Candidate Assessment (DCA) under Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) based on Modular Employable Skills (MES) approved by Director General of Training, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt of India & Directorate of Technical Education & Training, Govt of Odisha. Therefore UMBC offers a number of certified programs. 


Sector – Retail
Course Name – Sales Person (Retail)
Course Code – RET101
Notification Number – 22899
Syllabus (see for pricing & duration)