Program Duration - 40 hours
Program Cost - Free [funded by GAP Inc]
Program Overview Available Here





Within our local context, the state of Odisha, India,
women with a low socio-economic profile face extreme barriers. However it is our belief, and found in our experience, that true community enhancement can only be achieved through inclusive empowerment. Therefore UMBC has connected with Gap Inc. to deliver the


 program to the women and girls of our community, free-of-charge.


Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement.


P.A.C.E involves of 40 hours of training. The program covers various aspects like improved communication, better management of time & finances, problem solving, nutrition, hygiene, health and many others.  Our lesson times and program pace are flexible, to make it accessible and adaptable to the varying circumstances of participants.


We want to help women and girls break the barriers, develop their life skills, reframe problems as opportunities and become healthier, so that they can realise their potential at work and in their personal lives. This is important as each woman or girl posses the potential and deserves an equal opportunity to create change – whether it be for herself, her family or her community.