Program Availability - 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm , Mon - Sun , 7 days
Cost - 250 Rs/month


Discussions with our community revealed the outstanding demand for an Off School Support program.
The children of the basti have access to little; some have neither adequate housing, nor easily accessible sources of clean drinking water, nor access to electricity and technology, nor avenues for quality educational support. These children attend government school, however the standards of these institutions are mostly low; therefore their foundations and learning capacity are weak.
Our program, which is supported by the Australian High Commission's Direct Aid Program
, focuses both on school curriculum support (for schoolgoing children), and basic literacy in English/Oriya/Maths (for pre-schoolers, or non-schoolgoing children). We hope to invigorate the children’s thirst for knowledge, and shape them through added lessons about the world and its opportunities.
The Off School Support program has changed the lives of many children. The service gives them access to consistent educational support & resources; as well as clean water, sanitation and a study-friendly environment. Since the introduction of the program in 2014, we have seen the results, potential and passion of the participants skyrocket.
The program is administered entirely by educated and trained women from our target urban poor community.