Mantu (28) is originally from the Gajapati District. He and his brother-in-law moved to Bhubaneswar as teenagers to escape violence at home. When Mantu first arrived in Bhubaneswar, finding work was much harder than he had imagined. To start with, Mantu survived by working odd jobs, such as washing dishes for road side restaurants and pushing manual rickshaws. From this he was only able to earn a meager and unstable income, which gave him with hardly enough to survive. 

Eventually, Mantu found work as a casual laborer in a fabrication workshop where he was able to learn skills. Mantu enjoyed this craft and for many years worked with several different workshops - but this was often unreliable work, sometimes only once per week.

In 2013, UMBC was being bulit close to Mantu's home in Kargil Basti. He introduced himself to one of the staff and was contracted as the project fabricator. When Mantu learnt what the building would be used for, he asked if UMBC would suppport him to set up his own business.


UMBC happily worked with Mantu to empower him to be our first nano-entrepreneur, and on completion of the UMBC building he set up his own small workshop within the grounds of the facility. UMBC supported Mantu by providing business management mentoring and power supply to his workshop.

Mantu now comfortably supports his wife and 2-year-old daughter and employs five other people from the community (including his brother-in-law). Mantu is a true entrepreneur. He has also recently designed and developed his own machine to bend iron.