The Fresh Food Catering service is UMBC’s own innovative in-house venture. We provide fresh, hot and nutritious meals by order to local seminars, conferences, meetings and events.
UMBC holds a Food Licence issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and an ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System Certification by Orissa Doot (P) Ltd, the leading certification body if India. This indicates UMBC’s adherence to Food Safety in Food Chain and audit compliance in UMBC Food Safety Management Systems. Therefore consumers can be assured that the food we produce is of a high quality, and that strict food safety and hygiene practices are adhered to. 
We have developed a special linkage with the Women and Child Development Deptment’s (Govt. Odisha) Mission Shakti, and regularly delight their staff and guests with our catering services.

This service is offered to develop the economic sustainability and independence of UMBC, so that we can continue to positively impact communities. Additionally it provides valuable employment opportunities for slum dwellers to work as kitchen hands with our qualified chiefs. Efforts are made to identify community members (particularly women) who are proficient at preparing traditional foods and collaborating with them as lead trainers, cooks, or culinary ‘consultants’.

If you would like to experience our catering service, you can order by contacting us via -

Tel: +91 (0674) 2594 144
Mob: +91 90909 60856