Program Duration - 30 days
Program Cost - 4, 500 Rs


The UMBC Driving Program is authorised by the Government of Odisha and supported by the Union Bank Social Foundation. The lessons develop economic and safe driving capabilities through one–on–one practical instruction. Students are coached in basic driving skills, breakdown management, basic First Aid, road safety and road responsibility.
Students who successfully complete the program will attain the practical skills and knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently operate a light motor vehicle and access a vehicle license.

Training for professional drivers is also available to develop their skills and improve their employability.

UMBC is committed to developing the employability, skills and opportunities available to the community; therefore we maintain high quality training for a highly affordable price. As a result of this commitment, inhibited community members including school dropout youth, daily wage labourers and women have engaged in the program.

This program is designed to equip trainees with a highly marketable skill that opens opportunities for gaining a sustainable income, break into previously unobtainable sectors, and enhance livelihood prospects.