Digital literacy is a core focus for the UMBC. We have observed that the urban poor are increasingly aspirational in wanting to access technology, and increasingly aware of how integrating ICT into their social or economic activities can make their lives easier and work more efficiently. Additionally these skills are increasing vital to effective participation in today’s economy.

Centurion University (the parent organisation for this initiative) has supplied the centre with a number of computer resources. Therefore UMBC delivers a National Institute of Open Schooling approved practical digital learning program, in addition to a program aimed at children (ongoing, slower pace, integrated into school support or “tuition” activities). All groups have shown interest, enjoyment, and initiative in gaining basic and advanced digital literacy.


UMBC has been approved as 
Therefore UMBC offers a number of certified programs. 


Course Name Certificate In Computer Applications
Course Code 711-712
The course fees and duration are as outlined by National Institute of Open Schooling, Ministry of HRD (Gov. India).

We particularly focus on internet access, and in guiding trainees in how to use the internet for information and learning.
Qualified and specifically designated UMBC staff carry out most of the digital literacy interventions, as this allows us to quickly modify and implement programs to suit different demographics.
UMBC has also partnered formally with Mindtree Foundation
. This enables us to access their expert human resources for their guidance on our digital literacy-training program, which covers everything from Microsoft Word to Email; this partnership and allows the UMBC to be flexible in adapting the material to local needs. 

Anytime the computers are not being used, trainees are encouraged to come to the center and use the computers for free. Specific help is given free of charge. For example, a number of youth applying to local [junior] colleges have been helped with filling out online forms, and accessing free online study material.

Additionally the program develops the skills and knowledge base of existing or future entrepreneurs to utilize the Internet to accesses information on market opportunities, research the viability of potential ventures, identify strategies to improve their own activities, find market linkages and develop their knowledge on banking and financial management. This training is implemented to enhance the confidence, entrepreneurial capacity, scope of ideas and enterprise viability in our community.

Sustained support of existing or aspiring entrepreneurs who successful complete the training is available through the
The Entrepreneurship Development and Business Launch Training Programs.