• 200 nano businesses created 20 bank loans provided

• 500 bank accounts opened 950 people trained in 11 areas

• More than 25 community members employed

• 30 youth utilize the digital learning centre daily

• 20 children are cared for in the creche daily

• 35 children receive off-school learning support daily

(December 2016)


• 50% reduction in community crime incidents.

• Increase of at least Rs. 5000 in monthly earnings to almost 250 families. 

• Increase in school retention, drop-out rate has decreased from 30% to 10%.
• Reduction in reports of domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and gambling.

• Substantial reduction in the occurrence of preventable illnesses such as water-borne diseases, skin infections, eye infections/diseases, and malaria.

• Increased participation in community leadership.

• Increased participation in young girls and women in community-driven activities.
• More than 250 women have gained independent income through employment and    entrepreneurship.

• Better hygiene and sanitation practices.

• 70% households have toilets over open defecation.

• Increase in disposal of solid waste in garbage bins.

• Living and dwelling conditions have improved. 

(December 2016)

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