The Urban Micro Business Centre is a public-private partnership venture between the Housing and Urban Development Department (H&UD, Government Of Odisha), the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC), and Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM) - a university that is leading India’s higher education sector in efforts to make employable and industry-relevant skills a part of the educational curriculum. The platform under which the MBC project is being implemented is the Urban Micro Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development (UMEED) Centre **, a registered section 25 company set up by Centurion University to further the goals of facilitating entrepreneurship and small-scale enterprise.

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Inauguration of Urban Micro Business Centre - Dedication Ceremony of Urban Micro Business Centre.

Dedication Ceremony for the UMBC that was held on 6 Nov 2013 the dedication to the urban poor of the city was done by Honorable CM of Odisha of Mr. Naveen Patnaik the ceremony was also graced by

  • Dr (Prof.) Prasanna Kumar Patasani (Honourable Member of Parliament , BBSR)
  • Shri Ashok Chandra Panda (Honourable MLA Ekamra - BBSR)
  • Shri Bijay Kumar Mohanty (Honourable MLA BBSR Central (MADHYA))
  • Shri Bhagirathi Badajena (Honourable MLA BBSR NORTH (UTTAR))
  • Shri Ananta Narayan Jena ( Honourable Mayor , BBSR MUNICIPAL CORPORATION)

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Community Information Sessions

Commissioned by H&UD (Govt. Of Odisha), launched as a pilot program for urban poverty alleviation, the venture is being funded in its pilot year (2013-2014) by the State Government, with additional financial support provided by Centurion University. This venture is in pilot project phase until 2014. Starting 2014 however, Centurion University is interested in collaborating with private partners to build this project into an independent initiative. Please reach out if you or your organisation are interested in a partnership.

The goal of this venture is to develop a sustainable model for enhancing the economic welfare of India's urban poor through providing skills and opportunities for effective self-. The vision is to do this through an "Urban Micro Business Centre" that acts as the hub for providing business information, skills training, marketing linkages, sales strategies, and various other handholding services meant to ensure viable and productive self-employment.

Hands On Approach

Livelihoods Training

In order to create a successful, the MBC is focusing on project interventions primarily targeting one of the largest slums in Bhubaneswar - Kargil Basti – as well as smaller neighbouring slums. There are approximately 1200 households in this urban slum, with residents having migrated from all over eastern India to look for a better life in the city. As the project grows in scope, it is expected that slums throughout the city as well as various peri urban low income clusters shall also be targeted for implementing interventions.

** The Section 25 company is currently registered under the name of Centurion Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Facilitation Centre and is in the process of having its name amended to Urban Micro Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development (UMEED) Centre.


Our project team is an incredibly diverse mix of local community members, seasoned field workers from the development sector, researchers, and practitioners. And of course we have Gram Tarang & Centurion's expertise to fall back upon.


National Urban Livelihood Missions

The Urban Micro Business Centre in BBSR was conceived as a pilot to help to provide feedback to (Government of India & Government of Odisha) on innovative ways to develop skills & Entrepreneurship among the Urban poor.



Our approach is entirely participatory. We took our vision to the community, sat down with everyone that would talk to us, and asked them how we could work together. Their feedback became the starting point for implementation of our entire project.